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Successful fund rising for Raphaël Michel

Piolenc, 19th March 2013 : Successful fun rising for Raphaël Michel, the assembler merchant of Vallée du Rhône. This operation amounts to 50 million euros over 3 years and the first round of the first 18 months has just ended : simultaneously the capital increases of 6 million euros suscribed to MBO Partenaires a pool of banks (CIC, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Arkéa BEI and Bank of China) sets up banking liquidity line structured for 18 million euros with 3 million euros which will be added by Odéo under a contract of participative development.

The objective of the operation is to consolidate the strategy of evolution set up since Mr. Ryckwaert’s arrival at the head of the company. It is a bold bet in a sector, which, contrary to common beliefs, is becoming increasingly attractive.

Structure the development ambitions of the firm

With this significant fund rising for Raphaël Michel, its CEO Guillaume Ryckwaert has wished give for itself substantial resources to finance its development project for 2016. Since the firm’s takeover in 2002, Mr. Ryckwaert has made evolve the company based on an offer to a service company with strong value-added and oriented to the customers’ demand. In 2012, Raphaël Michel realized more than 51 million euros of turnover; which means a growth of 25%.

The fund rising shows the strong potential growth of the firm. In a trade where the supply is essential, its has the ambition to structure it upstream (from the production to the assembly) thanks to a modern production tool.

“I realize that beyond my own funds, this operation permits the evolution of the economical model of the firm by transforming it from a family SME to an industrial SME” explains the CEO. This operation will allow structuring the development of the company both at financial and human level. After the recruitment of Vincent Texier as administrative and financial director, the recruitment of an export manager is also expected. Indeed, if the firm plans to continue to take sales in France (with investment in the vineyard market), it also desires to continue its international development.

Wine, an important investment in the future ?

Considering the evolution of the firm Raphaël Michel since 2002, investors have made a choice for the future ! “Which absolutely convinced us at first in this fund rising, it is project initiator, Mr. Ryckwaert. He has an innovative vision of the sector of activity which is in a break with a market deemed rather traditional” explains Cécile Ngyuen , associate director at MBO Partenaires.

The global context about wines has changed. The consumption is in a constant increase, while the offer is diminishing in terms of quantity to favor quality. French wine has great rate of exportation and 70% of its export concerns bulk wine. “We consider wine as a sector increasingly competitive in the future years” continues Ms. Ngyuen. With a strong attention to supply and customers’ expectation, Raphaël Michel firm marks the shift from a patrimonial vision to an industrial vision! “The positive results of Raphaël Michel during these last 10 years have convinced our investors”.


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