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Raphaël Michel takes over 100% of Claude Nicolas’ capital

Piolenc, 25th February 2014 : the merchant of Vallée du Rhône, Raphaël Michel, announces the acquisition of 100% of Claude Nicolas firm’s capital, which is a south-west wine merchant. For the Rhone merchant, it is about the diversification of its offer. The funding of theses shares is possible thanks the recent fund rising of almost 50 million euros realized by the firm. For Claude Nicolas, the objective is to participate to the group dynamic set up by its buyer.

A complementary offer by a multi-products operator

This rapprochement permits to Raphaël Michel to realize a first in a wine-growing market, which is very decentralized by creating an operator which is able to propose a multi-products offer. Indeed, the advantage of this rapprochement is mainly due to the complementary of the offer of the two firms. Thus, for Raphaël Michel, the takeover of Claude Nicolas’ capital will permit to meet requirements increasingly different of major clients.

Moreover, Raphaël Michel also obtains the vinification tool, only owned by Arterris until today, and proves once again its desire to be mobilized in the grape purchase.

“The Claude Nicolas firm proposes complementary products to our own, especially about white and south-west rosés. This is the case of Malbec, a trendy product which is mainly cultivated in Argentina but not enough in France. This is an innovative variety !”, explains Guillaume Ryckwaert, Raphaël Michel’s CEO.

Forward, the objective is to increase the number of providers to secure the fluxes. This new operator will be able to strengthen supplies and to improve their business.

Participate to the group dynamic

Founded in 1945, the Claude Nicolas firm is a family, dynamic and respected structure. Their merchant and winemaker profession for the South-West wines and their expertise, their excellent reputation and material quality made them inescapable in this sector. Their annual production reaches 170 000 hl. These are the similarities with Raphaël Michel, the firm notoriety and the seriousness of their teams which have seduced Mr. Ryckwaert. As for the enter into capital of the Uzège wine cellars, it is not about an integration. Teams remain in place but the firm will benefit from the group dynamic launched by Raphaël Michel.

In Claude Nicolas, we are pleased about “this takeover which will give a new impetus to the firm”, explains Sophie Nicolas, Manager of the Campsas site of Claude Nicolas.

The business model of both firms is the same : same service quality, the capacity to deliver huge volumes with constant quality and prices, same clients etc … But mostly a main common objective : clients’ satisfaction.

“We listen to our customers. To satisfy them, we conduct the production to their expectations” explains Guillaume Ryckwaert. “But without working to the detriment of production : the key is the supply , we are in the same boat as the producers, everybody should arrive on the bank with the same conditions !” adds Sophie Nicolas.

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