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Raphaël Michel partners with the cooperative wine cellar of Visan

The wine merchant’s firm, Raphaël Michel, partners with the cooperative wine cellar Les Coteaux de Visan by exploiting the vinification tool, Volabis. Assets profitability, volumes safeguarding and quality optimization are the key words for this new collaboration. This agreement will allow the implementation since the 2014 harvest.

Fluxes optimization and safeguarding

After acquiring a stake in the Union of the Cooperative wine cellars of Uzège a new kind of partnership is appearing : “For us, the models for the future are associations with cooperative wine cellars” explains Guillaume Ruyckwaert, Raphaël Michel’s CEO. But, the Visan cooperative wine cellar, with which the merchant works for years, has a site completely dedicated to the vinification and has only 20% of the site exploited. It is thus quite naturally that Raphaël Michel proposed to the wine cellar to exploit 100% of the site. The objective for the first year is to vinify 50 000 hl with at least 20 000 hl which will come from the cooperative.
Work with the Cooperative

With this rapprochement, the desire of Raphaël Michel is also to accompany the wine cellar about the best way to add value for the wines. “Our cooperators, explains Gilles Ferlanda, President of the Cooperative wine cellar, see a real opportunity with this rapprochement. Raphaël Michel will give its know-how, in particular its technical skills about volumes management. The profitability of the instrument will be assured. It will allow to gain in competitiveness and thus remunerate our wine makers a better profitability, guarantee of quality of its wine harvest and better profits. This collaboration fits to the desire of Raphaël Michel of working closely with the cooperative wine cellar, the objective is to ensure the future of the wine cellars and the employments but also to ensure the exploitations maintenance and to allow a better installation of the wine makers.

As a reminder, in 2011, Raphaël Michel firm had invested in 4 vineyards in Côtes du Rhônes : a concrete commitment and investment in the local vineyard.

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