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Les terrasses de Saint-Pierre


Les Terrasses de Saint Pierre is located in the southeast of the commune of Valréas in the heart of the Enclave des Papes (Enclave of the Popes). Half of the surface area is dedicated to the cultivation of vines. The other half consists of forests, some of which produce truffles, and lavender fields. This wild natural environment at the exit of the ravine of Saint-Chétin, laid in centuries-old terraces, supports vines of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan, giving rich and powerful wines.

The vines are cultivated with respect for the environment to produce a natural grape. Here our greatest allies are the Provençal sun and the Mistral. Backed up against the mountain and surrounded by the villages of Nyons, Vinsobres and Visan, this terroir is situated on Burdigalian molasse known locally as safre. The land is terraced and the pebbly red clay is particularly suited to viticulture.

The red wines produced are AOP Côtes du Rhône; these develop aromas of stone fruits in youth, moving towards notes of leather and truffles when mature. They can be left to age for a long time.


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