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Anagram belongs to the family of wine merchants and blenders. We source wines, create blends and oversee maturation. We market these wines to other merchants, such as bottlers, who package and distribute the products.

We work with wines from the Rhone Valley, Provence, Languedoc Roussillon, Chile and Argentina.

Our business focuses on the upper segment of the industry. We select plots in wine-growing regions, stipulate specifications for vinification, then select and purchase the wines.

Once we have selected the wines, we blend cuvees, composing the ideal blend in accordance with our clients’ expectations and constraints.

Assemblage takes place in our wine storehouses at Piolenc. These facilities contain a 100,000 hl vat room and an ageing cellar. Assemblage is directed by our internal laboratory, to ensure the wines and their behaviour are properly monitored. We also provide full traceability.

Our greatest strength lies in the strong relationships we have established with our suppliers as well as our knowledge and management of the vineyards.
We work with more than 4,000 suppliers. This provides a measure of complexity in our blends, a sign of the quality of our wines.
We have also drawn up multi-annual contracts with 15 winegrowers’ cooperatives in the Rhone Valley. We make a volume commitment and set product profiles. In Chile we have assumed the role of winemaker; we purchase fresh crops from around the country and then produce the wine at our site.

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In order to meet the requirement of consumers, retailers and regulatory standards which are very strict about hygiene, food safety and traceability, Anagram makes a commitment to IFS and BRC international rules.


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