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Anagram expertise


Vinification specifications

4000 winegrowers and cooperative caves now produce wines for our company according to our specifications.

Our criteria relate to crop maturity times, the sanitary condition of the grapes, whether the crop is de-stemmed or otherwise, maceration periods, vinification techniques, fermentation temperatures and more.

We systematically adapt to existing facilities to try to exploit the full potential of the harvest.

We monitor the products throughout vinification. The first monitoring stage is when the harvest arrives; at this point we check the maturity level and sanitary condition. We are then present at every major stage during vinification.



Wine selection

This is the historical role of Anagram.

We have established an extensive supplier network. We can source our wines from more than 4000 winegrowers and cooperative caves. We have our own samplers and also work with agents.


We take on wines based on tasting and analysis. We handle more than 10,000 samples every year.

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