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Dolia, Raphäel Michel’s group subsidiary, takes over the wine cellar cooperative of Saint-André-de-Roquepertuis.

Dolia, Raphäel Michel’s group subsidiary, the first merchant and assembler of bulk wine in France, has allowed to the historical wine cellar cooperative of Saint-André-de-Roqueperthuis to resume its activity which has been on standby for 3 years.

Dolia is a vinification structure which buys grapes from the Gard and Vaucluse department in order to produce wines of quality throughout the entire denomination of the Vallée du Rhône.

« The takeover of the Saint-André-de-Roquepertuis wine cellar was a real strategic decision for the Raphäel Michel group », Stéphanie Daumas, Site Commander, explains.

Thus, with this takeover, Dolia revitalizes the wine producing activity at the local level. After several months of works, the wine cellar is ready to receive the 2016 grape harvest which will be vinified on this site and dedicated specifically to wine from the Gard department.

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